Cotton Candy Grapes Are a Thing!

Ok, I gotta start this off with my greatest food discovery of the week: cotton candy grapes. I’ve been telling all my friends and even some strangers about these. They are actual, real, legit grapes that taste like, well, cotton candy. My boyfriend bought them on a whim and when I was first presented with them I was like “what is this madness?”. Read More »

The Experiment Begins

For month 1 I’ve decided to do Weight Watchers. I’ve not actually joined the program, but I’ve done it in the past so I’m somewhat familiar with it already and I have a friend who is also on Weight Watchers so she can answer any questions I have. In a nutshell, for the Weight Watchers diet, all foods are “worth” a certain number of points and you’re allotted a set number of points to consume per week with 49 total extra points you can split any way you want. Read More »

How It’s Gonna Work

You might be wondering what diets I’ll be doing and what this all entails. Well, no need to stay up at night thinking about it, because this, my first post, will explain all that. OK, I lied, not ALL, because I haven’t yet decided exactly which 12 diets I’ll be doing so that will be a surprise but you’ll still get the general idea. Read More »